Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not Your Mother's Book Club and Spokane Bound . . .

I never got a chance to do a write up on my last trip, but the hostess with the mostest has done a better job here Literaticat on the Mandabach, Hopkins, Asher, & Lyga gig
with the San Francisco portion.

Here's silly me reading:

Tomorrow I'm off for the last stop on my fall 2007 micro-tour, Spokane, WA.

That where my best old friend Sam Ligon lives, and where I'll appear at Auntie's books on Friday night. I'll also be visiting two creative writing classes at two different schools, North Central and Barker Center. This is is my favorite part, I think, becuase it's so energizing to talk with the kids about writing. I'll miss my own students, of course, but the new groups are refreshing.

It's cold and snowy over in Spokane today, but looking at this pic from the area makes me wish I was going to be there in fishing weather. (Though I have fished in the snow!)

Peace, and wish me happy trails!


Emma said...

Jesus, it must be cool to do a book reading.
Everyone gathered around listening to something that came out of your head.

Brian Mandabach said...

Last night in Spokane was a little intimidating--just because my friend teaches in the MFA program here and there were a bunch of writers and poets in the audience. And what if they think that what comes out of your head and mouth sucks! But it was cool, and they didn't seem to hate it too much;)

HipWriterMama said...

Happy Trails! Hope you're enjoying your new author status!

Brian Mandabach said...

I really am--not high status, but new author status is very fun.

Anonymous said...

Hello Brian, I got a copy of your book from your Mom !H ope this is private!!! Congratulations !!!! I have grandchildren I will give this book to.

Brian Mandabach said...

Anonymous--who is this? email me: bmandabach at msn dot com :)

Hope the grandkids love it!