Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Get the book! ... or not

I've heard that my book is in stores and I know it is available via internet shopping. Local librarians tell me that it's already reserved.

I'm off to Kidlitosphere in Chicago, hosted by Robin Brande whose Evolution, Me, & Other Freaks of Nature is an excellent read. I've been way too busy to blog about it, though I've wanted to--not just because it is well-written and right-on, but because it has some odd similarities to Or Not. And some dissimilarities as well. If I had my students read both, we'd be able to make some serious venn diagrams.

I'm also going to teach 5 creative writing classes at Barrington High School, a place I haven't set foot in since graduation in 1980.

And spend a couple of days in the city with my beloved, with whom I haven't had a vacation alone since 1996.

Wish me happy trails.


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